Sale Bikes

All our bikes are for sale! But these are on sale...

Just a limited selection of the deeply discounted bikes-

  • Bianchi Zurigo Apex all sizes

    Sweet Cyclocross bike. Everyone wants a gravel bike now. If you're tough enough not to care, then this is for you. 50% off through March was 1800, now 900. 50% Off!
  • Bianchi Volpe Disc 57cm only

    Disc brakes are great. I'm finally coming around. But this model is being discontinued for an all new model. was 1500, now 1125
  • Bianchi Volpe 2014 59cm only

    Color changed after 2014. And in 2016 the Tiagra shifter/brake levers changed- all cables now run within the bartape. was 1300, now 950
  • Brooklyn Bicycle Willow 3 Speed

    Fenders! Racks! Chainguards! Three speeds! Solid colors! was 600, now 450
  • New Albion Starling 49cm small

    Cool Mixte frame. This bike can be built up with straight bars, drop bars, or here, with swept back city bars. We kept it simple with only one shifter, one derailleur. Was 1075, now 800.