Service & Repairs


Basic Tune-Up $65
This is a great option for bikes that have seen gentle use for weeks or years. Parts are not yet worn. And the bike is clean enough. Good for prepping your bike for another season. We take wheels off and adjust hub bearings, true wheels, and air tires. The shifter and brake cables are lubed. Brake pivots lubed and brake pads adjusted. Derailleur pivots lubed and shifting adjusted. Bottom bracket and headset bearings checked and adjusted as necessary.

Complete Tune-Up $95
This is a great option for a bike that is clean but needs some parts replaced during the tune-up process. A new chain, or brake pads, or a new wrap of handlebar tape.

Tune-Up and Cleaning $95
Some bikes need all the adjustments and lubrications of a Basic Tune-up, plus a cleaning.

Heavy-Tune-up and Cleaning $125
This is the option for bikes that have seen six months of commuting. They are dirty and grimey. Drivetrains need to be replaced, brakepads swapped. kinked cables replaced too. Maybe new rubber. We start with a thorough cleaning, often after an initial break-down/disassembly. Then tune the wheels and components as replacement parts are added.

Complete Overhaul $200
Everything above, and beyond. This is a complete tear-down of the bike before cleaning- Fenders, racks, handlebars, etc. And includes overhauls of the wheel bearings, bottom bracket and headset. Modern bikes with cartridge bearings don't need this as frequently, but still require bearing replacement from time to time.


Flat fix $10
Also known as tire/tube replacement (see wheel repairs for more details)

Bike Build (shipped bike) $35-75
price depends on level of disassembly

Bike Build (new bike purchased elsewhere) $75-200
price depends on level of disassembly

Box Bike for Shipping $50-75
We recommend using to schedule shipment. They offer a discount on standard Fed-Ex rates because of their volume. Scheduling a pick-up from the shop, and emailing us the shipping labels works best.

Remove rusted/frozen/stuck item $65/hour
Cutting out a seatpost, after chemicals prove insufficient, runs $75, with an inexpensive post another $20

Miscellaneous Repair $65/hour
Adjust brakes/ fix squeaking noise $10-15

Replace brake pads 10 to 15
Often we are replacing brake cable and/or housing at the same time, adding to labor rate. As well, the rim of the wheel is he other half of the brake. If untrue, brakes cannot be set-up properly. A wheel true will be necessary at additional cost.

Replace brake cable 10 to 15
Often we are replacing pads at the same time, increasing labor rate. As well, the rim of the wheel is he other half of the brake. If untrue, brakes cannot be set-up properly. A wheel true will be necessary at additional cost.

Brake installation $15-25
Caliper installations are easier than V-brakes, which are easier than cantilevers. Almost always involves cable replacement too.

Cut-in interupter levers $30
Sometimes we may need to wrap fresh bartape as well.

Brake overhaul $20-30
Corroded pivots need to be broken down and cleaned for proper function. Often in conjunction with pad and or cable replacement. Some cantilever, V-brake, and caliper brakes are easy to overhaul. Many are not.

Bleed hydraulic brake/ cut hose $25
fluid extra

De-Squeal disc brake $20 per

Replace brake levers and adjust brakes (upright bar bike) $25
Recabling extra

Replace and adjust STI style brake levers $60-75
Four new cable runs. Wrapping bars extra.


Replace shift cable $15

Adjust derailleurs $15

Replace & adjust upright bar style shift levers $35

Replace and adjust STI-style levers (drop bar bike) $50
bar wrapping extra

Replace and adjust bar-end style levers $50
bar wrapping extra

Overhaul Campagnolo shift lever $40

Overhaul rear derailleur (pulleys and main pivot) $20

Align derailleur hanger $15

Replace derailleur hanger $15



Adjust bottom bracket $15

Overhaul loose-ball-bearing bottom bracket $30

Overhaul/replace bottom bracket (cartridge) $25

Replace chainrings $15

Replace chain $10

Replace cassette $10

Replace derailleur pulleys $10

Replace pedals $5



Install & tape drop handlebars $30

Install upright handlebars $20

Install quill stem $20-30
Price varies as brake levers and shift levers complicate things. Wrapping bars extra

Install threadless stem $5-10

Overhaul headset $25

Cut/clean steerer tube threads $25

Cut and install threadless fork $30

Install threadless headset $25

Install theaded headset $30

Wrap handlebars $10
If it takes longer to unwrap and clean old bartape than to wrap, we will charge by the hour

Install grips free-$5


Replace tire and/or tube on bike $10
$10 surcharge for Dutch-style chainguards

Replace tire and/or tube off bike $7

Install tubeless tire/ add sealant $20
Sealant extra

Glue tubular tire $25-40
depends on amount of prep the rim needs first. (tubular glue extra)

Replace front wheel $15
includes swapping over the rubber, and adjusting the front brake

Replace rear wheel $25
includes swapping over the rubber, adjusting the rear brake, and adjusting the shifting. $15 for a single-speed bike.

Drill presta hole to fit schrader valve $10

Wheel true 20 dollars and up
as damage abatement climbs, so does the labor rate.

Replace broken spoke $20-25

Wheel Build $50
Everyone loves to build wheels. It is very rewarding completing a well balanced wheel. We prefer US made Velocity rims, but also use Mavic, Sun, Araya and niche brands like VeloOrange, Compass, and Pacenti. $10 surcharge to unbuild your old wheel to re-use its hub.

Adjust hub & add grease $15

Hub Overhaul (cup and cone or cartridge) $25
Traditional cup and cone hubs can be kept running smooth with regular maintenance of new grease and balls. For those less keen on regularity, cartridge bearing hubs (also know as sealed bearing hubs) are the way to go. But even they need bearing replacement from time to time.

Replace freehub body $30

Coaster brake hub Overhaul $25

Internally Geared Hub Overhaul $50
Three Speed Sturmey Archers are our specialty. But Shimano Nexus hubs need maintenance too, as do Sturmey's bigger 5 and 8 speed hubs. Resurrecting an old three-speed can take lots of chemicals and elbow grease to remove decades of gunk. But it's always worth it.


Align dropouts $20

Align derailleur hanger $15

Spread 126mm frame to 130mm $30

Remove and box suspension fork for factory work $20

Replace suspension pivot bearings $40+

Tap/ face bottom bracket threads $30

Face fork crown $25

Face/ream headtube $30

Ream seattube $25

Strip frame/box for paint or repair $30


Install/calibrate standard cycle computer $10

Install/calibrate cadence cycle computer $15

Install basic fender set $15-20

Install custom fender set $30-50
Honjo, Berthoud, Tananka. They often require lots of measuring and drilling.

Wire up dynamo lighting $30-50
Internal wiring, yes we can!

Replace saddle free-$5

Install rack $10-15
older frames require P-clamps. They take much more time to set-up right

Install training wheels free-$10

Install mirror, cages, and other minor accessories free-$10

Install baby-seat $25
Keep that kid safe!